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If you are new to Dash, we encourage you to check out our wiki, where the Dash project is explained from the ground up with many links to valuable information resources. Also check out the menu bar on top and the sidebar to the right. We have very active Discord and Telegram channels where the community is happy to answer any and all newcomer questions.

Purpose of this post

This post is directed towards community members who wish to rapidly access information on current developments surrounding the Dash cryptocurrency.
Lately we've noticed how the pace of events picked up significantly within the Dash project due to many years of hard work coming together and pieces falling into place ("Evolution" is finally here. It's called Dash Platform). For the purpose of keeping these many pieces of information together, however, singular Reddit submissions are insufficient. Thus we decided to maintain a pinned thread collecting blog posts, interviews, articles, podcasts, videos & announcements. Check back regularly, as this thread will always feature the latest news around Dash, while also serving as a mid-term archive for important announcements and developments.
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Dash Press Room

"At Dash Press Room you will find the latest press releases, media materials and product updates on Dash - Digital Cash."

Dash Platform Video Series (formerly known as "Evolution") with Amanda B. Johnson

  1. Dash is Becoming a Cloud | Dash Platform #1
  2. What is Dash Drive? | Dash Platform #2
  3. What is Dash's Decentralized API? (DAPI) | Dash Platform #3
  4. Usernames & Dash Platform Name Service (DPNS) | Dash Platform #4
  5. What is Dash Platform Protocol? (DPP) | Dash Platform #5

Dash Core Group News

(last updated: Oct 30th, 2020)

Dash Newsroom with Mark Mason & Dash Talk with Amanda B. Johnson

(last updated: Oct 30th, 2020)

Development news

(last updated: Oct 30th, 2020)

Adoption, Partnership, Business Development, General News

(last updated: Oct 30th, 2020)
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Crypto News Recap for the week ending August 3rd

Developments in Financial Services


General News

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Get Bitcoin Exchange Rates using PHP API - YouTube [Tutoriel] Créer des clés d'API sur Binance DERS 1 - Binance api kullanimi - Bitcoin bot yapımı - YouTube Binance API Tutorial (Part 2) - Real-Time Crypto Price Data over Websockets 币安binance API请求问题Invalid API-Key的答疑讲解 - YouTube Bitcoin API - Bitcoin, Crypto currency live and historical ... Binance Api Key Oluşturma DERS 1(Devam) - Binance api kullanimi - Bitcoin bot yapımı Binance y API Keys (Es) Binance HACK 7000 BTC Stolen!! Change Your API Keys and 2FA Keys!!!

Bitcoin is the only major cryptocurrency that VirWoX supports. The site’s digital coins– OMC (Open Metaverse cents), MVC (My Virtual Community), ACD (Avination c$) and SLL (Second Life Lindens) are used in various online virtual world games. Network security. Aside from a single high profile hack in 2013 involving the removal of $12,480 worth of Bitcoin from a single user account, VirWoX ... Bitcoin would have to go to where the message came from: gen All.Binance CEO: XRP is not security In doubt for the accused. Thus, Changpeng Zhao’s statement reads in terms of the long-standing dispute whether XRP is a security or not. The head of the world’s largest Bitcoin exchange points to the status of the litigation in the matter. As ... Binance kündigt den Start ihrer Kreditplattform an. Anleger können auf ihre ungenutzten Krypto-Assets eine Rendite von bis zu 15 Prozent generieren. Source: BTC-ECHO Der Beitrag Binance: Bitcoin-… Bitcoin Micropayment App Money Button Goes Invisible. April 20, 2020 Ethan William. SAN FRANCISCO, April 20, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — One of the leaders in very low fee, ultra-fast microtransactions has taken another step in its evolution to become the easiest processor on the planet. With the release of Invisible Money Button, businesses using the platform can now fully embed the payments into ... My hope was to use bitcoin micropayments rather than advertising to support the site. When I couldn’t find a solution to fill my needs I reached out to the Bitcoin community for help. That’s how I met my technical co-founder, James Poole. He is an engineer at RSA and was the first person to live demo bitcoin micropayment channels. We hit it ... Binance Coin $ 26.83 1.77%. Chainlink $ 10.14 0.8%. Polkadot $ 4.03 2.2%. Litecoin $ 56.21 6.2%. Cardano $ 0.092710 1.35%. Alle Kurse. SatoshiPay will zukünftig bei Micropayments auf die Bitcoin-Blockchain verzichten . Startseite ; Aktuelle Artikel im Überblick; Krypto; Bitcoin; SatoshiPay will zukünftig bei Micropayments auf die Bitcoin-Blockchain verzichten . von Alina Ley. Am 18. Juli ... Jeder Mensch ist eine Firma, und jeder Computer sein Angestellter. Die Vision, dass euer Computer ein Grundeinkommen erwirtschaftet, wird Wirklichkeit. Die Firma schafft dafür mit dem 21 Bitcoin Computer und dem 21 Bitcoin API Marktplatz wichtige Grundlagen. The builders of “social fitness” app Looter are exhibiting how Bitcoin’s micropayment economic system can supply a substitute for the “freemium” model. It additionally employs a number of different Bitcoin options to show well being and health into an actual cash sport, letting its customers earn cash as an alternative of simply spending it. Binance Coin Price; Monero Price; MimbleWimbleCoin Price ; How to; Trade Boasting a community of over eight million people, eToro is one of the leading global trading and investment platform – and it specialises in cryptocurrencies. Although there are more than 1,200 assets to trade on eToro, which was founded in 2007, it is in the crypto space that it is particularly popular. The innovative ... Bitcoin Micropayment App Money Button Goes Invisible. April 21, 2020; by FTS News Desk; 0 ; Share Post; Share on Facebook; Share on Twitter; One of the leaders in very low fee, ultra-fast microtransactions has taken another step in its evolution to become the easiest processor on the planet. With the release of Invisible Money Button, businesses using the platform can now fully embed the ...

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Get Bitcoin Exchange Rates using PHP API - YouTube

Petit tutoriel pour créer des clés d'API sur Binance. Avec ces clés d'API, vous pouvez connecter des services tiers à votre compte Binance, et décupler ainsi votre potentiel de trading. Binance Hacked for 7000 BTC ... Creating Binance API keys - Duration: 2:43. Acuitas Trading Technologies 864 views. 2:43. Binance Two Factor Authentication Setup Guide for Beginners - Duration: 3 ... Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. Python Binance API, Dashboards & Data Science Tutorial - Duration: 1:00:57. ... Binance - One Bitcoin automatic real bot trading - My journey part 1 🚀🚀🚀 (Profit Trailer) - Duration: 13:37 ... Tutorial detallado como abrir una cuenta en el exchange Binance y la creación de API KEY para así luego integrarlas en el Personal Bot de Arbistar 2.0 Detailed tutorial how to open an account in ... 币安binance API请求问题Invalid API-Key的答疑讲解 请求链接: In this video I will show you how to import live data and Historical data for Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple and other 1384 coins from web to excel. Data is refre... Bu eğitim videom'da binance borsası üzerin'den api key nasıl oluşturulur sizlerle paylaşmak istedim umarım faydalı olur :) In this video, we retrieve bitcoin price data over Websockets in 2 ways. First, we use wscat to receive the information from the command line and save the price data to a file. Second, we use ... A simple PHP script to get current Bitcoin exchange rates in US Dollar, Pound Sterling and many other currencies. Basic PHP API for cryptocurrency exchange r...